Samstag, 14. Februar 2015

[Tools] Whatsapp for your Computer

With, a smartphone and the latest Chrome browser people can finally start using Whatsapp on the PC. The problem is that the webclient communicates with the whatsapp servers using your smartphone resulting that your phone needs to be connected with the internet all the time.

Another approach is offering a plugin to use whatsapp without depending on a smartphone. Since whatsapp is limited to one device per account at the same time you cant however use it on your smartphone simultaneous.
This tutorial is rather dedicated to people who refuse to jump on this smartphone trend and stil want to use whatsapp.

What we need?

  1. WhatsApp for PC - Whatsapple Client
  2. WhatsApp Registration Tool
  3. A number not registered to a whatsapp account

Lets do it

1. Download the WhatsApp Registration Tool and Execute WART- Enter your phone number and leave the Password (optinal) field empty. The zero of your number have to be replaced with your country code (e.g: 0XXXXXXXX -> 49XXXXXXXX for Germany).

2. Hit "Request Code". A popup will alert you that a SMS has been send to the number containing a code.

3. Enter the code at Step 2 and click "Confirm Code". Another popup will appear stating the secret you recieved from WhatsApp. Note it down and proceed with step 4.

4. Install "Whatsapple - Whatsapp for PC" and launch "PidginPortable" inside its root folder. Afterwards do the following:
  • Close the popup and navigate to the window with the title "Buddy List"
  • Hit "Accounts" followed by "Manage Accounts"
  • In the new window hit "Add..."
  • Select "WhatsApp" as protocol
  • Enter your phone number (once again with country code instead of 0) as Username and the secret you got via WART as Password
  • Tick "Remember password" and hit "Save"
The result:

5. Add contacts hitting "Buddies" followed by "Add Buddy...". Buddy's Username is the phone number (country code instead of zero) and the Alias the name which will be used to display the contact (leaving it empty will result in only seeing the number):

Final words

I dislike WhatsApp for many facts however convincing all the people you deal with to switch to a better client is just not possible. Telegram for example offers great security and a desktop aswell smartphone client which are both independent from each other.