Montag, 17. August 2015

[1.12.1 WoW] ZzukBot

Look here for development preview videos - a level 60 warrior customclass
Look here for development preview videos

Most people visiting this blog or being active on any WoW hacking related forum should have noticed that I released my tool ClassicFramework a few weeks ago. Purpose of this release was to gather information and new experience when it comes to developing software which is supposed to run stable on any computer using Windows.
At this point I want to say thanks to all users that reported all kind of errors and problems I never experienced myself. A great anmount of the fixes for ClassicFramework also improved this upcoming release.

ZzukBot is a WoW bot designed for the version 1.12.1 also known under Classic or Vanilla WoW:

(Click on the thumbnail at the bottom to load the picture in "big")

A few pearls and features of the bot:
  1. Automatic path generation based on hotspots
  2. Reacts on different notifications: "Target not in line of sight", "You cannot attack that target" etc.
  3. Blacklisting for bugged mobs (fight blacklist and loot blacklist)
  4. Vendoring, Repairing, Restock
  5. CustomClass system
  6. Overrideable Fight, Rest and PreFight routines
  7. A very well designed unstuck system (even tho you will probably never ever get stuck :p)
  8. "Intelligent" resurrect: Will search a possible safespot before resurection
  9. Taking hostile mobs in consideration while searching, pulling and fighting mobs
  10. Fight movement: To close for Auto Shoot? Move back until in proper range again
  11. Relogger
  12. Running stable for countless days on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10
  13. Chat logger
  14. Item management
  15. User friendly profile creator
  16. Lightweight Interface
  17. Full Warden protection
  18. Ghostwalking

The two "Help" buttons: 


Wondering how the grinding process looks like? Here you have a little preview video:

Sample profile and the most simple CustomClass possible:

I extracted a list of everything provided by our API for those who are interested in CustomClass development. Beside of those functions you can use the full power of C#:

 Virtual Byte DesignedForClass  
 Virtual String CustomClassName  
 Virtual Void Fight()  
 Virtual Void PreFight()  
 Boolean ToCloseForRanged  
 Boolean Backup(Int32 yards)  
 Virtual Void Rest()  
 Virtual Boolean Buff()  
 Int32 Rage  
 Int32 ManaPercent  
 Int32 HealthPercent  
 Int32 Energy  
 Int32 TargetHealth  
 Boolean NeedToEat  
 Boolean NeedToDrink  
 Int32 ComboPoints  
 Boolean CanOverpower  
 Int32 AttackerCount  
 Single TargetHealthPercent  
 Int32 PetHealthPercent  
 Int32 PetManaPercent  
 Boolean IsResting()  
 Void Eat()  
 Void Drink()  
 Void Eat(String parFoodName)  
 Void Drink(String parDrinkName)  
 Single DistanceToTarget  
 Boolean PlayerGotBuff(String parName)  
 Boolean PlayerGotDebuff(String parName)  
 Boolean TargetGotBuff(String parName)  
 Boolean TargetGotDebuff(String parName)  
 Boolean PetGotBuff(String parName)  
 Boolean PetGotDebuff(String parName)  
 Void Attack()  
 Void StartWand()  
 Void StopWand()  
 Boolean CanUse(String parName)  
 Void Cast(String parName)  
 Void DoString(String parLua)  
 String GetText(String parVarName)  
 Int32 GetSpellRank(String parSpell)  
 Boolean IsMainhandEnchanted()  
 Boolean IsOffhandEnchanted()  
 Void EnchantMainhand(String parItemName)  
 Void EnchantOffhand(String parItemName)  
 Boolean IsWandEquipped()  
 Boolean IsTargetCasting()  
 Boolean IsTargetChanneling()  
 Boolean IsPlayerCasting()  
 Boolean IsPlayerChanneling()  
 Boolean IsAoeSafe(Int32 parRange)  
 Void PetAttack()  
 Void PetFollow()  
 Void PetDismiss()  
 Boolean GotPet()  
 Boolean IsPetAlive()  
 Void PetCast(String parPetSpell)  
 Boolean PetCanUse(String parPetSpell)  
 Boolean IsPetHappy()  
 Void FeedPet()  
 Boolean IsPetTanking()  
 Boolean IsPetOnMyTarget()  
 Int32 ItemCount(String parName)  
 Void UseItem(String parName)  
 String GetLastItem(String[] parListOfNames)  
 Void SetCombatDistance(Int32 parDistance)  
 Void SetWaypointModifier(Single parModifier)  

Release and other stuff

Right now we are done with the whole bot logic aswell the server part of the authentication system. Website with Forum, Accountmanager and automatic payment system is also ready to welcome new users. Next task is to setup a windows server which will run the auth server and find a way to protect binary.

Speaking of protection I am pretty unsure what to do with nearly every commercial crypter having a price out of my budget. If someone is into this topic I would be very glad for a helping hand to lower the time until release.

Even tho it seems to get old I want to say thanks to every visitor and every user of OwnedCore who helped me learning new stuff. Also thanks to Bitbucket which send 20 hours progress into nirvana :p


  1. Is your bot using pathfinding? A friend of mine re-wrote mangos pathfinding a little and is using their movemaps for his own bot. It makes it pretty much autonomous. If your bot can do this as well, I can see myself paying.