Freitag, 17. Juli 2015

[C# / 1.12.1 WoW] Zzuks ClassicFramework

Stop using the tool on Nostalrius for the moment - there seems to be a problem

The Anti-Warden mechanics ensure that no memory change can be detected however it doesnt protect you from servers which implemented server-side mechanics to verify if specific actions or movements are possible or not. To make it short: Use it on your own risk!
Features not affecting the movement are possibly never detected.

Since the interest in 1.12.1, vanilla or whatever you want to call it raised a lot with the release of Nostalrius and Kronos I prepared a little tool with different features which can be acivated over functions added to the WoW Lua api ( /script Function(x) ):
  1. AddToZ(x) - increases the players Z axis by the passed value.
  2. Interact() - interacts with your current target (attack, loot, speak and also walkt to if click-to-move is enabled)
  3. Loot() - loots all corpses in range of the players toon
  4. NoClip1-4() - 4 different NoClip modes which can be toggled on/off separately
  5. SuperFly() - Toon is locked to his Z axis thus walking on air
  6. UseItem("x") - Made for items like grenades. Item passed by name will be used and activated over the current target (player, unit, critter - doesnt matter)
  7. UseSpell("x") - Same as UseItem() just for spells like Blizzard
  8. UseObject("x") - interacts with the closest object matching the passed name (mailbox, warsong flag etc.)
  9. Wallclimb(x) - pass a value between 0 and 0.64 to define the angle your toon can walk
  10. AutoLoot() - Enable or disable autoloot (will remain through restarts obviously)
  11. SaveBars("x") - Save your current action bar profile
  12. LoadBars("x") - Load a previously saved action bar profile
  13. RemoveBars("x") - Remove a previously saved action bar profile

Beside the above features there are a few passive hacks which are always activated:
Understand all languages
View all levels hack - You won't see that "boss icon" on levels anymore (thanks to reliasn for the description I copied lol)
Lua unlock - Use function like Jump() in macros

More infos?

ClassicFramework doesnt have a GUI and is completely controlled over the chat:
Every function is reapplied each login. Every single value altered in memory is hidden from Warden.
Projects like Nostalrius like to claim they invented the perfect anti cheat but to tell the truth you are very limited as a private server developer:
While Blizz can implement anti-cheat-mechanics everywhere in the client private server projects cant extend the client but only relay on server-side-mechanics aswell Warden.
With that being said I only chose features which I personally see as nearly unable to detect without Warden (which I disabled like mentioned before).
Everything has been tested on all public 1.12.1 realms including Nostalrius and Kronos.

Every feature is designed as user-friendly as possible:
About(), Thanks() and Commands() helps the user with everything this little project can do.
Every function is double checked for valid parameters and will also give help if the user enters wrong arguments.

Zzuks ClassicFramework in action


I tested everything as good as possible under different conditions however this doesnt mean you will have the same good experience: Since this tool is intended to work for everyone its important that issues are reported. Just contact me and I will try to solve the problem.

Thanks to ....

Namreeb, Sacred, Culino and the usual people. Without you guys this wouldnt be possible.

Download and Requirements



* Offline for a major upgrade *

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  1. Fixed a bug in the detour for Wardens module enumeration 
Each write to static memory is hidden . Each injected module is hidden. Both are double checked! Enjoy

  1. Extended the ReadMe with more hints which should help incase the hack doesnt work
  2. Switched from fasmdll_managed to Fasm.NET
  3. Lua functions will be unregistered on logout and registered on login instead of just registered
  4. Fixed a bug inside the Anti-Warden module which lead to a detection of NoClip4() and a few other internal things
  5. Several internal tweaks to the Anti-Warden part
  6. Another attempt at fixing the problem described in point 3 of v0.06d
  7. Compatible to Windows 10, 8 and 7

A few users reported recieving a ban on Nostalrius. Since all tools I previously wrote were for private use only I never paid big attention to possible security flaws while developing - something known by nobody wont cause attention any way.

With the above in mind I wrote myself a checklist which every new update need to pass. Also each new update will be tested on Nostalrius for multiple hours before release.
Like always: Never hack on accounts you cant stand loosing. The passive features wont be detected and are safe to use.

  1. Updated ReadMe.txt with better instructions and added a picture
  2. Once again a few crash fixes
  3. One guy reported that the tool didnt work if placed outside the WoW folder. Now this should be fixed to.

  1. Another crash fix

  1. Some users reported that the tool wasnt able to find fasmdll_managed even tho it was in the root folder. This version should finally get rid of all these annoying errors

  1. Moved ClassicFramework.exe to internal folder (to finally get rid of all the "dll not found" errors)
  2. Added ClassicFramework.cmd which will be used from now on to launch the hack

  1. Added a by default activated Anti Afk feature
  2. Added the version (v0.05 in this case) to the welcome message
  3. Fixed a dll not found exception which occured for some people (need testing here)

  1. Added a ReadMe.txt with version identifier and some hints
  2. Further improve for Loot() aswell AutoLoot()

  1. Fixed a conflict between Loot() and AutoLoot()

  1. Updated About(), Commands(), UseItem("x"), UseObject("x") and UseSpell("x") help texts
  2. Fixed crashes if string parameters are passed without quotation marks ("")
  3. Tool will only start if executed as administrator from now on (since it doesnt work otherwise)
  4. Removed "bind on pickup" dialog skip (will be only enabled while Loot() is doing its work)
  5. Added AutoLoot() to enable and disable autoloot (cloned the one which got added in TBC). The state (enabled/disabled) is stored so it doesnt have to be activated each launch.
  6. Changed from debug to release build (no more dll errors). Sorry for that :p
  7. Added additional security checks
  8. Migrated the barsaver into the current project (video:

First Release


  1. I am going to write a bot, will you answer some of my questions? Your program is obfuscated, was not able to look inside.

  2. thanks its working well, except wallclimb that is always get a nil value error

  3. Hey. I just saw your video and I think your program is amazing! But I'm wondering when you will put it up for download again.
    It would also be cool if you could set the cooldown for spells with this. like /script cooldown "curse of agony" 15, so curse of agony could not be cast more than every 15 seconds, and if i could set cooldown lower than what its supposed to be.