Freitag, 12. Juni 2015

Another bot for 1.12.1

When I started this blog I thought I would be one of those bloggers writing a post every second day. Well .... atleast the blog is stil living :)

Since the summer finally arrived at germany I rather spend time working on freerunning instead of programming:

Speaking about programming I have made a few decisions:
The current 1.12.1 bot I work on is getting better everytime I find a minute to work on it and even tho I enjoy playing around with the WoW client this will probably be my last project for WoW since I feel like its time for something new.
The code for the bot will go public but at the moment I am not completely sure how and when. Maybe I will release a closed source version first of all (can be expected within a month).

The custom class used in the video:
Since the video is very short it doesnt show the full potential and all features of the bot but as a first teaser this should be enough.

Also I am open for people who want to help extending the bot. Currently I struggle a lot with path generation between two points with a distance about half of elwynn forest and bigger:


  1. Thank you for your blog, i am started to learn c# :P
    ps. you forgot to close your pass and login!

    1. Its just a crap account but thanks for the hint :)

  2. Wow Nav Mesh?! Open Source?! This is going to be great! Can't wait to play with the source once you release. Will be really awesome having this as a framework for creating bigger/better stuff

  3. Friend of mine is writing a 1.12.1 bot in Java (using JNI for native calls), so he can easily do an overlay game menu and such. He actually directly took pathfinding from mangoszero. Though I believe what he did was basically extracting map files somehow? I've seen the pathfinding work, actually. But not cross-map.

    He also has a no-memory-writing policy. So all mouseclicks and buttons are directly sent to the client through native calls and translated to on-screen coordinates using world coordinates to screen algorithms taken from ownedcore.